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WildFire D09 1:10 Touring Car Kit

WildFire D09 1:10 Touring Car Kit

WildFire D09 1:10 Touring Car Kit

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New features highlight:

- New suspension mounts geometry
- New bulkhead dimension, upper deck lowered by 2mm
- New drivetrain geometry
- New floating steering system with adjustable steering stopper
- New Upper-deck and chassis design for better chassis flex characteristic
- New upper camber link mount with improved geometry
- New LCG shock tower design
- New rear hub composites and geometry
- New motor mount design with 5 points adustable chassis flex configurations
- New Center Isoflex Linkage (CIL) which maintins the left and right chassis roll but sti en the front and rear flex
- New LCG servo mount design
- Standard with - VBC Dynamics Stabiliser Link System
- SMJ Springs
- AXON Spur gear

Other standard features
- Full 100% USA Carbon Fiber, including front bumper top mount
- Yaiba Racing Japan front Double Universal Joint Shaft
- Composite X A-Arms, Steering Knuckles, Steering Blocks and new Rear Hub - AL7075-T6 Front Spool Shaft with durable spring steel front spool cups
- Lightweight AL7075-T6 Hex Wheel Hubs
- All AL7075-T6 Aluminium Parts
- Standard with hybrid oating servo mount
- Lightweight AL7075-T6 rear drive shaft and di cups
- Ball raced anti-roll bar system

The WildFireD09 before its official release, D09 prototype has already proven its performance by capturing these results:

- 2016 French Electric On-road Nationals Champion (Modified)
- 2016 Korean National Champion (Modified)
- 2016 AOC Korea 3rd (Modified)
- 2016 ETS Slovakia 4th (Modified)



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