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Hobbywing Xerun-120A-V3.1 ESC for 1/10 and 1/12 - Black

Hobbywing Xerun-120A-V3.1 ESC for 1/10 and 1/12 - Black


Hobbywing Xerun-120A-V3.1 ESC for 1/10 and 1/12 - Black

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Features Compared V3

  • Bottom case changed to aluminium for better heattransfer
  • New improved heatsink for better airflow and cooling
  • Program port and Sensor port are now silicon sealed for better dustproof
  • New firmware with new neutral range options and turbo timing options

1) 10 predifined profiles – can be modified – import/export – no need to reprogram the software each time you want to change the profiles.

2) Datalogger – Temperatures – RPM of the motor – Lowest battery voltage

3) Better cooling & smaller size – Copper core for more effiency – CNC heat sink and case – smaller but more efficient cooling

4) Electronic on/off switch – Saves space – More durable – Remote off switch, hold brake for 6s 5) Software – you can adjust the timing relative to RPM – All adjustments refined – Cooler temperatures

6) Connections – The programming box is connected to its own connector, no need to remove the receiver plug – The connector can also be used for external fan, this bypasses the BEC so it will not load the BEC circuit

7) New software for PC – boost slope lets you adjust timing vs RPM, how sick is that? – Free upgrades as usual – More user friendly

8) Protections – Temperature protection (motor and ESC) – Low voltage protection – Throttle signal loss protection

Max Continuous Current: 120A
Max Burst Current: 760A
Suitable motor: Over 2.5T
Input Vol: Nimh 4-9cell, LiPo 2-3cell
BEC output: 6V/3A
Dimensions: 37 × 31 × 29,5 mm



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