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Yokomo YZ-2 "Carpet/AstroTurf edition"

Yokomo YZ-2 "Carpet/AstroTurf edition"

Yokomo YZ-2 "Carpet/AstroTurf edition"

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The YZ-2 Carpet/Astro Edition (CA) has a new designed 3 gear transmission has applied for Carpet special configuration, long suspension arm and light weight body. All these specifications will provide smooth control drive on high grip surface condition.


YZ-2 Carpet/Astro Edition new parts:

! Not only 3-gear transmission is changed !

  • Z2-302C3 - 3-gear transmission case set
  • Z4-008RS4 - Rear suspension arm S4 (YZ-4, longer Arms)
  • B2-010R - Universal drive shaft (B-MAX2, longer Bones)
  • Z2-201BA2 - Bellcrank (larger 10×5 Ball Bearing, more strong)
  • Z2-0022 - Main Chassis for CA/DT
  • Z2-002SP2 - Side plate for CA/DT
  • Z2-101L - Light weight Body (better in high traction conditions)
  • Shockspring (F/YAS-825, R/YAS-1050) forhightraction use. YZ-2 has includedtheallround type whichis YS-A type

Those 3 parts are possible to mount on the conventional YZ-2 without any manual modification on main chassis. The dimension of new chassis are the same with the current one.




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